Who can have access to the portal?

·         Defense attorneys who have an open, active case with the Fayette Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office. 

·     You should use the email address that is on file with the Kentucky Bar Association to register.

Can I share my access (username/password) with my legal assistant, secretary, interns, or others?

·         No.  The discovery portal is for use by defense attorneys only to ensure the security of the portal and information contained within it.  Do not share your username or password with anyone. If you share your username or password, you could lose your right to access cases through the portal.  

What cases appear in the portal? 

·         Only active, open cases appear in the portal and can only be seen by the attorney who is defending the case. 

·         Once the case is closed, the information will no longer appear in the portal.  Therefore, we suggest you download the information to your computer or a disk for reference at a later date. 

What if I have a case that is closed or the defendant is a fugitive, and I need to access the discovery in the case?

·         Call the Fayette Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office at (859)246-2060 and ask to speak to the prosecutor assigned to the case. 

What if I have an open, active case with the Fayette Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office, but I do not see the case in the portal?

·         Contact the prosecutor assigned to the case to ensure that your name is associated with the case in our system and to determine why you are not able to view the case in the portal.   

Need access to the portal?

·         Go back to the Home Page at https://portal.lexingtonprosecutor.com and click on "Register". 

·   Contact Chris Mattingly at cmattingly@prosecutors.ky.gov with any problems with registration.

·         When contacting Chris, please ensure that your name, address, telephone number and email are correct. 

What do I do if I forgot my username or password? 

·         Contact Chris Mattingly at cmattingly@prosecutors.ky.gov for help.

What if I am having trouble using the portal?

·         Contact Chris Mattingly at cmattingly@prosecutors.ky.gov.